Hello! I Direct & Photograph visually driven projects with strategy, story and style

I work with brands, artists, production companies or agencies to develop content, often shooting and editing as well. My visual language is the same across whichever medium I'm working in - vibrant, playful, subversive and energetic.

I like earthy, sun kissed tones because I love the magic hour, but blue is my favourite colour. Good design is essential to change human behaviour and it looks pretty, but the two aren’t mutually exclusive. 

I’m a bit obsessed with podcasts and long walks, I would happily describe myself as a flâneur. If I can’t walk, I swim a lot and occasionally I pretend that I can do surfing. Water and waves are incredible things. Can be found mooching around book shops hoovering up photo books and spy novels. 

I’m driven by creative people and green tea, sometimes at the same time. The music of Bruce Springsteen is essential to my life (and your life, but you don’t know this yet). Perhaps we can talk at great length about all these things and more. 

Commission me wherever the story is
Get in touch to develop your project
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daniel[at]danielmoses.com  •  +44 (0)77 405 36528  •  @danieldmoses

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