I had my Director of Photography hat on in October 2012 as I stepped up to work with Thorny Devil Productions on their latest short film “Advice” shot for the 50 Kisses film competition.

Chosen from many scripts submitted to the competition “Advice” is a simple story of one man trying to woo (do people still woo?) an attractive girl he sees in a bar with his friend’s rubbish advice. The end result of the competition is being part of a crowd sourced feature film where they chose the best films for inclusion.

I’ve worked with director James Card before when he was the ‘Rule of 3’ comedy troupe back when he was but a lowly comedian actory person, he has since branched out into Directing moving picture narratives the clever little pup and he had some great ideas for the script. Storyboarding on the iPad, using ‘Paper’ of course *cue admiring “ooooohhhhssss”, we planned various dream sequences that pastiched some of my favourite movies Casablanca, James Bond, When Harry Met Sally and Groundhog Day.

We had a cracking location in the King Edward VII pub in Stratford, who generously gave us the whole of the back room to play around in for the day, and the next as we had a few more scenes to finish. A wood clad room really is incredibly versatile and worked well with the tones we were filming with, especially with my lights, all 2 of them! Sometimes simpler really is just better and I relied on my 2 trusty 250w continuous lights and umbrellas to give some flattering warm filmic lighting. To add a bit of extra interest (and to hide the bar in the background) I employed the services of some fairy lights which when taken out of focus (Nikon 50mm f/1.4) produces some nice bokeh to transport us to another world (or hide the bar in the background). The final tracking back shot was done with a DIY dolly, the producers kids toy trolley, which you won’t be surprised to hear I fit into quite nicely. Really enjoyed working with the excellent cast and crew, and really pleased with the resulting footage.

“Advice” received an “honourable mention” award at the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival 2013

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