Rave Your Way Into The Day

A Rave you say? Completely Sober? At 6.30 in the am? Before Work? During the week?! What is this witchcraft? Find out in a short documentary I Directed for Filterview where we investigated the goings on at Morning Gloryville.

‘Conscious Clubbing’ has been around for a while, challenging the assumption that you need to be off your tits on drugs or alcohol to enjoy yourself and have a good time. (something I’ve advocated for years by the way). At 6.30am on a Wednesday morning in June, in a venue in Shoreditch, East London, over 800 people seemed to agree as they descended on Morning Gloryville, a massive sober Rave, in order to start their day in the most unorthodox way possible before going to work!
Working with Filterview, my excellent team Victoria (presenting), Jake (Producing) and Theo (Sound..ing) navigated the choppy waters of a sober rave to find out the who, what and why of the morning natural high. (I’ll take your applause for the pathetic rhyming of that sentence). Held twice a month in East and West London, and in fact all over the world, Morning Gloryville sprung up from tech companies wanting to shake up the morning routines of their employees, concentrating on wellness and mindfulness. Should you want to dance like a loon, Kiss FM DJ Neeve was on hand spinning tunes of all sorts, but if you decide to take a break, plenty of coffee and smoothies are on hand, as well as massages, yoga and spinal inversion therapy, which is a different form of yoga that helps with your heart, (and looks like a bizarre and dangerous balancing act!) The event attracts a wide variety of people from all over the country; we met a Zebra, a Unicorn, a man from Google, an auto harpist, someone who called himself ‘London Fairy’, and a girl with a lizards tail.

Check your cynicism at the door, an incredibly positive start to the day and amazing to stand in the middle of in the early hours of the morning, definitely worth getting up at 3am for! See what I mean here

You can also watch “Rave Your Way Into The Day” on the Filterview website as well as many other excellent videos

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