1. Tel Aviv in the Rain

    Date 14 Jun 2015
    Ahhhh Tel Aviv Beach…the sand blowing in your face, the palm trees swaying in the 55km/h winds, the wearing of 6 layers of clothing in 5°C , the unrelenting rain and no umbrella…. Yes Tel Aviv… in the Middle East…where it’s always ridiculously hot and no one owns a coat…

  2. 5 Things

    Date 02 Jun 2015
    Featured on the Five Things website, this is a great project, hard to choose just 5! See what my favourite 5 things are here

  3. Watson

    Date 19 Apr 2015
    The incredible C-12 Dance Theatre launched their new show “Watson” last week, an immersive dance and video adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Empty House. Here are some stills from them presenting it at The Albany Theatre in Deptford to a selected audience.

  4. Paradigm Shift

    Date 31 Mar 2015
    A few selects from my photo shoot with 4 piece Prog-Rock band Paradigm Shift at the weekend. We shot in North London on a day which looked like it was going to shower down, a bit of good luck found us a clear few hours towards the end of the day when the…

  5. Eulogy for Ima

    Date 28 Jan 2015
    Our amazing Mum, Orna, passed away on Monday morning after her year long battle with Cancer. She left us peacefully and in no pain with her family around her. This is a Eulogy I wrote for her, which I read at her funeral I started writing this a few weeks…

  6. Movember 2014

    Date 03 Dec 2014
    Last month it was November, I did one of the very few things I’m actually able to do with any credible authority for charity, training to run a marathon… no that’s a massive lie, stop laughing, that’s obviously never going to happen, I get an asthma attack running for the…

  7. Victor Mellors Headshots

    Date 11 Nov 2014
    Some of my favourite headshots I took of actor, Victor Mellors, this weekend testing out my new setup in the new studio with a mix of natural light and artificial.

  8. Apatchy

    Date 11 Nov 2014
    Back in May, I rounded off my 3rd shoot in as many days in the blazing hot sun shooting some Behind The Scenes for a fashion photo shoot for brand Apatchy. Apatchy items feature a style area that can be personalised with a gripper patch, which do not require any…

  9. Frankenstein: The Metal Opera

    Date 28 Oct 2014
    Took some rehearsal shots of Frankenstein: The Metal Opera, on the weekend, they are gearing up for their shows at The Space in Mudchute this week

  10. The Hummingbirds

    Date 10 Oct 2014
    Some photos here from a shoot on Wednesday with Jazz Band “The Hummingbirds”. We were shooting a promo video of some of their performances in The Bulls Head pub in Barnes. Video coming soon.

  11. Rave Your Way Into The Day

    Date 02 Aug 2014
    A Rave you say? Completely Sober? At 6.30 in the am? Before Work? During the week?! What is this witchcraft? Find out in a short documentary I Directed for Filterview where we investigated the goings on at Morning Gloryville ‘Conscious Clubbing’ has been around for a while, challenging the assumption…

  12. Lens Whacking Byron Bay (via Ruislip)

    Date 12 Jun 2014
    Sunny beaches are hard to come by in London, it’s mainly brick and mortar and the odd smattering of grass, dappled with lashings of water that fall from skies. So when I was charged with Directing a music video around sunkissed Byron Bay, I had a bit of a creative…

  13. Fah-mur-lee Portraits

    Date 09 Jun 2014
    Took some Moses Fah-mur-lee Portraits. I think everyone came off well….

  14. Sam & Andy

    Date 03 Jun 2014
    In my first of a marathon 3 shoots in the space of as many days in the blazing hot sun, I drove into the middle of a field with some talented musicians to take photos of them. The musicians in question were Antipodean song meisters Sam & Andy, who I…

  15. East Side Story

    Date 13 Feb 2014
    I’ve been shooting kids all over Hackney for entertainment purposes. Stop. Wait. Let me explain. Please put the phone down. This is all technically true, BUT TO CLARIFY…. for a film…..a dance film with over 45 talented young dancers from Hackney featuring music from Rudimental, premiering at Hackney Empire. *wipes…

  16. Aesthetica Film Festival

    Date 17 Nov 2013
    In the middle of November 2013, I headed up to York for the Aesthetica Film Festival where the music video I directed for Punkture Sluts ‘No Hopah’ was selected as part of the official programme (also appearing on the official programme and poster for the festival taking up nearly a…

  17. Split Processes - My Traverse 50 Portrait 

    Date 03 Nov 2013
    At the start of 2013 I was picked as one of 50 photographers to contribute to “The Traverse Fifty” project. I was partnered up with a writer to take their portrait, that writer was Denise Keane of South London. On our first meeting in Spitalfields, Denise was running late because…

  18. Picturebook Romance

    Date 31 Jul 2013
    How to disappear a man into a book after he falls in love with drawings he made as a teenager. These are the challenges that befell us in July 2013 as we made a very short film in the most challenging of spaces WHAT’S IN THE ATTIC?This year we finally…

  19. Advice

    Date 05 May 2013
    I had my Director of Photography hat on in October 2012 as I stepped up to work with Thorny Devil Productions on their latest short film “Advice” shot for the 50 Kisses film competition Chosen from many scripts submitted to the competition “Advice” is a simple story of one man…

  20. It’s Funny Even If You Don’t Know The People In It

    Date 07 Oct 2012
    My corporate - music video - comedy career continued in September 2012, Directing a mega busy corporate shoot with the good folk of Pernod Ricard, in a great little green screen studio in West London The last few weeks I’ve been working with Knock Knock Productions to develop a fun…

  21. Gorillas In London’s Mist

    Date 24 Aug 2012
    One of my more bizarre photography commissions in August 2012, involved photographing people dressed as Gorillas in London for The Gorilla Organisation’s publicity for “The Great Gorilla Run”, a sponsored fun run. We were granted permission to shoot on one of the London Eye pods which is something I’ve always…

  22. Everything Looks Better With A Fisheye

    Date 30 Apr 2012
    A dark, grim, twisted and scary music video for underground beat makers Punkture Sluts had us all running around in circles APRIL 2012Last year I worked with the band “Punkture Sluts” on an excellent photo shoot involving zombies in the 50’s for their EP, producing some striking images. Fast forward…

  23. My First International Shoot

    Date 12 Dec 2011
    In November 2011 I Directed the 6 CEO’s of DHL in their own rendition of a Bruno Mars song, in Germany, on my first international shoot, wearing the most idiotic moustache. Got your attention then… Maverick Advertising and Design had contacted me to concept and direct a short, easy and…

  24. Merce Circus  (4/4)

    Date 17 Oct 2011
    Oct 2011 - Part 4/4 of project writeup, on short dance film “Suspect Number 4” At Stratford Circus, ‘Merce Circus’ was a celebration of the work of Merce Cunningham and one of the final ever performances of his dance company. The place was buzzing and we were welcomed with a…

  25. Symphony of Chance (3/4) 

    Date 10 Oct 2011
    OCT 2011 - Part 3/4 of project writeup, on short dance film “Suspect Number 4” ]It was 5 days till deadline day, and we had a cut which we were nearly happy with. East London Dance had arranged a meeting with an award winning international video artist called Gerry Fox…

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