1. TLV - YAFO Timelapse

    Date 11 Jan 2016
    Timelapse is the best way for me to explore the place I am in, last summer I went to Tel Aviv for a few weeks, woke up at 4.30am, chased Magic Hour till my feet bled and shot around 10,000 images for these Timelapses that doesn’t even cover half of what Tel Aviv…

  2. 2015 BTS shots

    Date 31 Dec 2015
    Some of my favourite BTS snaps from my shoots this year 

  3. Early rise, Late finishes

    Date 08 Dec 2015
    Early rise and late finishes on my London shoots recently. My iPhone isn’t complaining though…

  4. Life Lessons from Bruce Springsteen

    Date 02 Nov 2015
    It’s odd to really connect to a slice of Americana so far removed from my own life, but there’s something magic about Bruce and E-Street that keeps me coming back again and again and again. Bruce has taught me many a lesson and these are them Be Authentically Rootsy What brings…

  5. The Driving Seat

    Date 29 Sep 2015
    A few Behind The Scenes stills I shot from last week’s film shoot “The Driving Seat” a short film directed by Phil Lowe, starring Janie Dee & James Lailey. We shot on location in Twickenham on a wonderfully sunny day.

  6. Defining a Compassionate Society

    Date 25 Sep 2015
    Last year I produced a video for the Global Conscious Movement International Consultancy which brought together different views on what an ethical and compassionate world could look like. It was an interesting shoot and we had the beautiful surroundings of Farm Street Church in Mayfair.  Find out more about their…

  7. In my creative toolkit…

    Date 27 Aug 2015

  8. Tel Aviv in the Rain

    Date 14 Jun 2015
    Ahhhh Tel Aviv Beach…the sand blowing in your face, the palm trees swaying in the 55km/h winds, the wearing of 6 layers of clothing in 5°C , the unrelenting rain and no umbrella…. Yes Tel Aviv… in the Middle East…where it’s always ridiculously hot and no one owns a coat…

  9. 5 Things

    Date 02 Jun 2015
    Featured on the Five Things website, this is a great project, hard to choose just 5! See what my favourite 5 things are here

  10. Watson

    Date 19 Apr 2015
    The incredible C-12 Dance Theatre launched their new show “Watson” last week, an immersive dance and video adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Empty House. Here are some stills from them presenting it at The Albany Theatre in Deptford to a selected audience.

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