Promo for tech startup shot on Arri Amira

Working with the client to concept the story, we wanted it to be less about the tech and more about the human element, our story follows our lead protagonist as he navigates the procurement of a new job. It has a surreal and fantastical element to it, so it’s not people shaking hands and walking into offices and cafes (not all the time, anyway!) the pace has constant movement, some scene’s camera movement in one take. 

[Live Action Director]


Director/Producer/Editor - Daniel D. Moses
DP - Howard Mills
1st AD - Victoria Howell
AC/Focus - Sam Taylor
Steadycam Op – Dave Pulgarin
Steadycam Trainee – Tomek Kawasaki
Hair and Makeup – Victoria Haffner
Art Director – Steve Keane
Art Department – Marcello Tanzi
Art Department – Marina Tudelo
Styling – Eva Divetain
Styling – Minyi Soon
Production Manager – Amy Howell
Music - Patrick Moore
Copywriters - Clare Whyle, Nina Bowden

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