1. Here’s A Bit About Me

    2023-06-14 13:20:00 UTC
    After 4 and a half years I thought it was worth updating the video CV.  Here’s a bit about me in 123 secs

  2. Pandemic Spy on Omeleto

    2023-02-01 14:48:25 UTC
    After a successful film festival run the Pandemic Spies racked up 21 festival selections, 7 awards & 4 nominations incl. BAFTA qualifying Carmarthen Bay Film Festival and now you can now watch our award winning short film PANDEMIC SPY on short film website Omeleto! Remember that weird week in early…

  3. Virtual Production

    2022-09-14 08:36:56 UTC
    In the last week I completed a course in Virtual Production 101 from the Mars Academy in London, giving me a basic grounding in VP Filmmaking. This is a huge arena and means different things to different productions, it’s the latest evolution of VFX like green screen, shooting on a…

  4. Center Parcs

    2022-09-10 12:13:00 UTC
    Back in April, I had an incredible week in Ireland directing a promo for Center Parcs in Longford Forest with a really great collaborative team. Over an action packed 4 day shoot, we shot families having fun on land, sea and air, in a spa, a boat, a pool, up…

  5. More Film Festival success for ‘Pandemic Spy’

    2022-05-31 16:26:00 UTC
    As film festivals open up for in person screenings, more success for ‘Pandemic Spy’. It’s been really exciting to finally see the film on a big screen with an audience, meet other filmmakers, and be nominated for more awards! Here’s a short run down of the last few MAKING WAVES

  6. Dentex

    2022-05-08 17:00:00 UTC
    I was commissioned by dental corporate Dentex to produce a series of interviews with dental practitioners in their practices to be used for potential partners, recruitment, and attract investors. Many multiple themed cutdowns were made for use across social media and exhibitions.  This is a values and culture film, where…

  7. Postcards: Dublin

    2022-04-10 16:36:00 UTC
    Postcards from Dublin

  8. Production Stills: Hood

    2022-01-09 15:14:00 UTC
    Poster images I shot last year for the World of Hood bringing new life to the Robin Hood story. We shot it in the stunning dereliction of Crossness Pumping station. Watch the teaser trailer on their website

  9. Barbican - Jean Dubuffet

    2021-07-22 20:23:00 UTC
     “Art should always make you laugh a little and fear a little. Anything but bore” – Jean Dubuffet  Commissioned by the The Barbican to create a mixed media contextual film for the exhibition “Brutal Beauty”, encouraging audiences to engage with the artist Jean Dubuffet’s impact on art. I put together…

  10. Pandemic Spy (short film)

    2021-07-20 17:08:00 UTC
    10 days ago, I proclaimed a wrap on my short film “Pandemic Spy”🕵️‍♂️ and there was much rejoicing.  My first shoot of literally anything in 18 months was something I’d written and directed, so no pressure then! Found it exhausting and rewarding but incredible thanks to my amazing cast…

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