1. DNK

    Date 25 May 2019
    Created this promo for Den Norske Klub, where Norwegian’s in London can meet. Housed in a palatial building in St James Square off Piccadilly, it is the historical home of Nancy Astor, the first woman elected to Parliament. 

  2. Hamptons International

    Date 08 May 2019
    Always interested in building a brand and how people reflect on theirs. I directed and concepted a series of films for property specialists Hamptons International who are celebrating their 150th year. We helped Hamptons announce the exciting steps they’re taking to bring their purpose to life to their entire national…

  3. London Skylines

    Date 01 May 2019
    Went atop Westminster Cathedral in Victoria for a remarkable view of London

  4. Filming in Airports

    Date 22 Apr 2019
    I’ve been shooting in Heathrow and London City Airports recently, doing separate internal projects involving their respective staff and colleagues.  I have now been through various airport security more times in one day then I have in the last few years! If you’re filming in an airport pack light and don’t lose your…

  5. Super Snaps

    Date 11 Mar 2019
    I created this crowd funding pitch video for the good people at Super Snaps, who are looking for investment on Crowd Cube for their great photography product platform.  Check them out 

  6. Hang Massive

    Date 23 Jan 2019
    Was one of the camera ops for this excellent gig last year with ”Hang Massive” shot in the beautiful Union Chapel in London.  It’s had over 300K views so far. 

  7. Life Lessons from Bruce Springsteen

    Date 01 Jan 2019
    It’s odd to connect to a slice of Americana so far removed from my own life, but there’s something magic about Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band that keeps me coming back again and again. Bruce has taught me many a lesson and these are they AUTHENTICITY What brings to you Springsteen is the…

  8. And that was 2018

    Date 19 Dec 2018
    It’s that time of year to wish you a very Merry Everything this festive season . Christmas, Hanukah, Diwali, Kwanza, Festivus, December, there’s always something to celebrate if you turn off the news.  This year I worked with Sudocrem, Sainsbury’s, Capital FM, The Royal Horticultural Society and Vinci. Here’s some BTS from…

  9. Production Stills: Forget Me Not

    Date 16 Dec 2018
    A year ago I shot production stills for short film ”Forget Me Not” who have unveiled this beautiful poster.  Directed by Nick Goulden Starring James Cosmo and John Heffernan. 

  10. The British Museum

    Date 01 Dec 2018
    Was lucky to shoot in the beautiful building that is The British Museum in London for a project recently, here is some of the B-Roll I quite liked from that project all packaged up nice like.

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