Tel Aviv was born out of the old city port of Jaffa/Yaffo, an "Old New Land". This bustling, dirty, vibrant and chaotic bridging between old and new, is seen throughout the city in it's people, architecture and history.

The different beaches bordering the Mediterranean Sea each have their own personality, earthy, touristy, domesticated; all life coming together to celebrate the relentless waves as they hit the shores, only stopping to take a breather once in a while. 

Old men and women performing Yoga in the early hours, Brides and Grooms having their photos taken on bridges or in front of the magnificent architecture at sundown, water sporters tackling the waves, fishermen loading their haul, big business, small business, youths with time on their hands, cyclists on the promenades.

TIMELAPSE - Daniel D. Moses 

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