And that was 2020…

Well, the end of the year has once again rolled into view, and if like me you’re ready to have at this past year with a giant baseball bat. Don’t. Stop. Breathe…….. 

Use 2 giant baseball bats and a tommy gun, but wear a mask whilst doing so. I made an animation to wish you a very Merry Everything this festive season, whatever and however you’re celebrating.

This year, apart from discovering the actual existence of Zoom and attempting to wear a mask without steaming up my glasses (has ANYONE managed this successfully because it’s driving me mad?!) I’ve mainly embracing working in various forms of animation because of asthma shielding. It’s been really fun to connect with a side of storytelling and a medium that I haven’t really worked in since I was young and have a few more projects to explore next year. 

Tonight is the penultimate night of Hanukkah, we celebrate light driving out darkness, resilience and miracles. Big fan of celebrating all these things, especially this year. I hope you’ve found some respite, take a rest, please be safe and really looking forward to seeing you in 2021!

Peace, Love and Stay Safe

Dan x

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