Barbican - Jean Dubuffet

 “Art should always make you laugh a little and fear a little. Anything but bore” – Jean Dubuffet 

Commissioned by the The Barbican to create a mixed media contextual film for the exhibition “Brutal Beauty”, encouraging audiences to engage with the artist Jean Dubuffet’s impact on art. I put together Dubuffet’s top 10 tips for artists in a punchy, witty, narration-led edit using archival footage, artwork, stock and graphics. Once again, creativity is a problem solving process and that’s fascinating.

DIRECTOR + EDITOR - Daniel D. Moses 

CLIENT - Barbican 

AGENCY - The Smalls 

VOICEOVER - Peter K. Richardson 

MUSIC - “Betula Lenta” - Shahar Haziza / “Don’t forget to groove” - Brian Claxton

“Jean Dubuffet believed that art was for everyone. He took inspiration from cave paintings, graffiti and creations from children, tattooists, incarcerated artists and patients in psychiatric care and played with unconventional materials, making his studio into a kind of laboratory. But his main advice was clear-cut: paint boldly. 

Feel inspired? Watch Jean Dubuffet’s Top 10 Tips for Artists” 

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