Pandemic Spy on Omeleto

After a successful film festival run the Pandemic Spies racked up 21 festival selections, 7 awards & 4 nominations incl. BAFTA qualifying Carmarthen Bay Film Festival and now you can now watch our award winning short film PANDEMIC SPY on short film website Omeleto!

Remember that weird week in early 2021 where the government said you couldn’t sit on park benches because of Covid? (True for some reason) Not many people do, it was a rare mis step in an otherwise flawless government lockdown policy and was swiftly reversed, which is just as well because it really would have made things hard for spies to do their jobs. I hope you enjoy and please share my attempts at trying to make sense of a crazy time in our history, of what I think is now a period film.

Read what they said about the film Only a few thumbnails away from Dick Van Dyke!

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