It’s Funny Even If You Don’t Know The People In It

My corporate - music video - comedy career continued in September 2012, Directing a mega busy corporate shoot with the good folk of Pernod Ricard, in a great little green screen studio in West London.

The last few weeks I’ve been working with Knock Knock Productions to develop a fun shoot pastiching the style of “Britain’s Got Talent” for a conference. I worked on something similar for DHL last year with their managers. We had a lot of fun and all the managers involved were up for everything we wrote into the script and threw at them which included kickboxing, terrible magicians, fancy bar flarers and PRUK’s very own Simon Cowell. The crew were excellent and kept the shoot rolling over nicely, we shot on the Arri Alexa at 100fps giving us some awesome slow mo for all those reality TV “hero shots” which will work well with our specially made graphics. It screened at the Saatchi Gallery and went down really well. Some screenshots of pre viz and the final film below.

Some of the feedback received went a bit like this…

“One of the most impressive things is that it’s funny even if you don’t know the people in it.”
IAN FLECK / Iris Culture

“The audience loved it and it did exactly the job we needed which was to engage the audience and get them excited about the team concept.”

JASON FERGUSON / Pernod Ricard

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