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  1. Portrait: Mercy Band

    2016-08-16 07:38:00 UTC

    A mysterious gang make their way through the forest, the Bride suspiciously covered in blood….  A Tarantino-esque shoot with the band Mercy; flashes of Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, with lots of running. Because it wouldn’t be my shoot if I didn’t make my subjects run all over the…

  2. Portrait: Paradigm Shift

    2015-03-31 11:36:00 UTC

    A few selects from my photo shoot with 4 piece Prog-Rock band Paradigm Shift at the weekend. We shot in North London on a day which looked like it was going to shower down, a bit of good luck found us a clear few hours towards the end of the…

  3. Portrait: Sam & Andy

    2014-06-03 14:46:00 UTC

    In my first of a marathon 3 shoots in the space of as many days in the blazing hot sun, I drove into the middle of a field with some talented musicians to take photos of them. The musicians in question were Antipodean song meisters Sam & Andy, who I…

  4. Music Video: Punkture Sluts - No Hopah

    2012-04-30 16:07:00 UTC

    A dark, grim, twisted and scary music video for underground beat makers Punkture Sluts had us all running around in circles Last year I worked with the band “Punkture Sluts” on an excellent photo shoot involving zombies in the 50’s for their EP, producing some striking images. Fast forward a…

  5. Music Video: Maroon Town - Watching The Trees

    2011-07-05 20:33:00 UTC

    A breezy music video for Ska band “Maroon Town” with inspiration from Her Majesty’s favourite secret agent in New Orleans. What could go wrong The breezy summer track “Watching The Trees” is about the destruction of our natural environment in tandem with our own wellbeing. We follow a basic narrative…

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