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  1. Production Stills: Capital FM

    2018-08-17 13:57:00 UTC

    Shot some behind the scenes stills in June for a Capital FM commercial. Backstage at the Summertime Ball in Wembley Stadium we had a small studio with stars like Rita Ora, Sean Paul, Craig David, Anne Marie, Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello. My shots will be used for Globals OOH…

  2. Production Stills: Bossman

    2018-02-21 17:24:00 UTC

    Some specials from a short film I shot on “Bossman”. We shot in HMP Kingston in Portsmouth in 2016 and stars Tom Davis and Allan Mustafa. Directed by Callum Macdiarmid.  

  3. Postcards: Israel

    2017-09-11 18:02:00 UTC

    Photo walks recent trip to Tel Aviv; architecture, many magic hours sunset pics, and a film about swimming in the Med TEL AVIV JAFFA CAESAREA

  4. Postcards: in the fog

    2017-01-30 13:40:00 UTC

    It’s been a foggy, cold start to the year in London, so I took a photo walk to a local farm to see what I could see. Not much as it happens!

  5. Production Stills: Candice

    2016-09-14 13:05:29 UTC

    Some of my Behind The Scenes (BTS) stills from a few epic all night shoots (6pm - 6am) a few weeks ago with Turn The Slate Productions’ short film “Candice” starring Olivia Poulet (The Thick of It) and Nicholas Pinnock (Top Boy), Directed by George

  6. Postcards: Lisbon

    2016-08-21 15:42:00 UTC

    Visited Lisbon for a few days, an absolutely stunning city, built on seven hills, and because it’s built on hills, it’s afforded some of the best views from wherever you are. Liking a good walk and a good hill, and a good view, I set about taking advantage of everything…

  7. Portrait: Mercy Band

    2016-08-16 07:38:00 UTC

    A mysterious gang make their way through the forest, the Bride suspiciously covered in blood….  A Tarantino-esque shoot with the band Mercy; flashes of Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, with lots of running. Because it wouldn’t be my shoot if I didn’t make my subjects run all over the…

  8. Postcards: Tel Aviv in the rain

    2015-06-14 09:34:00 UTC

    Ahhhh Tel Aviv Beach…the sand blowing in your face, the palm trees swaying in the 55km/h winds, the wearing of 6 layers of clothing in 5°C , the unrelenting rain and no umbrella…. Yes Tel Aviv… in the Middle East…where it’s always ridiculously hot and no one owns a coat…

  9. Portrait: Paradigm Shift

    2015-03-31 11:36:00 UTC

    A few selects from my photo shoot with 4 piece Prog-Rock band Paradigm Shift at the weekend. We shot in North London on a day which looked like it was going to shower down, a bit of good luck found us a clear few hours towards the end of the…

  10. Portrait: Sam & Andy

    2014-06-03 14:46:00 UTC

    In my first of a marathon 3 shoots in the space of as many days in the blazing hot sun, I drove into the middle of a field with some talented musicians to take photos of them. The musicians in question were Antipodean song meisters Sam & Andy, who I…

  11. Portrait: Split Processes - My Traverse 50 Portrait 

    2013-11-03 18:23:00 UTC

    At the start of 2013 I was picked as one of 50 photographers to contribute to “The Traverse Fifty” project. I was partnered up with a writer to take their portrait, that writer was Denise Keane of South London. On our first meeting in Spitalfields, Denise was running late because…

  12. Portrait: The Lightbulb Project

    2012-07-10 12:12:00 UTC

    I’ve been visiting a lot of exhibitions lately and been really enjoying viewing photographs the way that they were meant to be viewed: big on a wall. Only here do you really appreciate a photograph, the texture of the print, the subtleties of the subject and study the potential story…

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