Postcards: Tel Aviv in the rain

Ahhhh Tel Aviv Beach…the sand blowing in your face, the palm trees swaying in the 55km/h winds, the wearing of 6 layers of clothing in 5°C , the unrelenting rain and no umbrella…. Yes Tel Aviv… in the Middle East…where it’s always ridiculously hot and no one owns a coat thicker than a napkin. Only having ever visited Tel Aviv during the summer, I was not prepared for the torrential rain that I didn’t think was possible anywhere in the Middle East, when I visited in February. Blamed (unfairly) by various family members for bringing the “worst thunderstorms for many years” with us from London, I trudged across the beach front and streets, unusually empty, giving me a unique photographic perspective of a city usually sunny, hot and busy. Shooting in the rain can be fruitful though, some of the panoramas reveal dramatic skies and new tones to old architecture. 

Tel Aviv beach front

“I’m sure it’ll be ok if we just drop ALL the Palm Trees in this one spot instead of spreading them out across the beach”

Beit Ha’ir, the renovated historical Town Hall of Tel Aviv

Floor of Beit Ha’ir

Fishing in a storm (iPhone)

In the ancient port city of Jaffa (Yaffo) the sun held up for a brief period before raining again and producing a rainbow 

Old city of Jaffa from Tel Aviv

The Old Port

Photos © Daniel D. Moses

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