Photo Walks in TLV

Photo walks recent trip to Tel Aviv; architecture, many magic hours sunset pics, and a 60 second GoPro film about swimming in the Med


Wandering around the Yemenite Quarter

Easy low light rides through King George Street Tel Aviv on a lazy Sunday afternoon

A busy Shuk is a happy Shuk. So much going on here

Crumbling 70s white elephant architecture of Tel Aviv always a treat. Something quite eerily epic about it

Ships of symmetry in Tel Aviv marina

Only one way to pass the time in Tel Aviv

Took a long walk beyond Tel Aviv port and found a post apocalyptic cinematic landscape

Strong Tel Aviv sunset. Fast as hell too, disappeared beyond the horizon quicker then my breakfast Shakshuka!


Meditating on an early evening sea

Selfies at sundown at The old port of Yaffo

Watching the sunset from Jaffa promenade over the old city

Whilst photographing at the port of Yaffo, these two guys sitting in front of me started talking to me. Not speaking a word of Hebrew or Arabic, I vaguely understood that they wanted their picture taken, which I obliged. After some more noises and sherades, one pointed to his phone repeatedly, I assumed he wanted me to send him the photo. Automatically jumping into tech geek mode, I pointed at my DSLR and said “no wifi, when I get to London can send”. This went on for a few minutes, then they gave up waving me bye. 20 mins later whilst checking the time on my phone, I realised they wanted me to take a picture on their phone.

Sunsets are a mesmerising and binding force on people

More gratuitous Magic Hour shots of the port

Gathering at the old clock tower in Jaffa. 35mm f/2.2 doing sterling work

Bit Blade-Runnery street vibe as the streets of Yaffo come alive at night

Street artist sketches a willing punter complete with a suitably dramatic “artist” pose


Exploring the ancient architecture in Caesarea

Sundown at Caesarea National Park over a giant statue of a naked man

Fishing for a sunset at Caesarea Harbour

People gather in, and on, the Caesarea aqueduct at the end of the day. Families, kids, young men smoking shisha who want a better view.

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