1. Bruce Springsteen at SxSW [mixed media]

    2021-01-24 19:37:00 UTC
    Waaaaaaaay back in 2012 the mighty Bruce Springsteen gave his keynote address at SxSW, a thoughtful meditation on the creative process and process of life. This is just his peroration, he speaks about the way we are, the way we set out, and recognises the very simple truth of the…

  2. And that was 2020…

    2020-12-16 16:38:06 UTC
    Well, the end of the year has once again rolled into view, and if like me you’re ready to have at this past year with a giant baseball bat. Don’t. Stop. Breathe……..  Use 2 giant baseball bats and a tommy gun, but wear a mask whilst doing so. I made…

  3. Stop Motion Recipes

    2020-05-30 18:56:00 UTC
    Pushing what I can do with stop motion animation, I built a small home studio for table, creating a series of easy to make Jewish and Middle Eastern inspired recipes that I love eating and cooking (but mainly eating). When I look at a recipe I rewrite it a bit…

  4. Covid Essentials (Stop Motion)

    2020-05-08 14:49:46 UTC
    Inspired by @paugram’s #everythingwetouchcovidessentialsx15 challenge, I’ve been making a stop motion animation of of 15 essential things helping me get through lockdown. Ive used a few analogue items (that I refuse to throw away) to illustrate my story with a bit of creative license but you get the picture! This…

  5. Chapter Rebookers

    2019-11-24 16:32:00 UTC
    Created this dynamic testimonial video for Chapter London’s “Re-bookers” campaign, where current residents tell us why they re-booked their accommodation at Chapter. The feel was bright, fun and disruptive with a few social media cutdown based on their answers in wellbeing, community, diversity and what they liked about London. 

  6. Postcards: À Paris

    2019-09-24 18:49:15 UTC
    A shoot abroad for a few days in Paris and with it an opportunity to scale the Eiffel Tower for a night 

  7. Inspiration: Barbican 1969

    2019-08-30 08:16:00 UTC
    Stumbled across this film about the Barbican made in 1969 and can’t stop watching.  It’s a planning/development pitch video to sell it and it’s only half finished being built.  I’m struck by the artisan style, with a mix of inventive shots and archive footage detailing the history of the City…

  8. CIRQ

    2019-08-04 11:55:00 UTC
    Directed this promo film for a HIIT and strength circuit training gym called CIRQ in Fleet Street. The brief was to showcase and differentiate two studios - a functional HIIT circuit (CIRQ) and a strength circuit (LIFT) with honest imagery capturing inspiring and energetic moments.  Shooting handheld on a Red…

  9. Ticker

    2019-07-16 08:18:40 UTC
    Directed and shot this trailer for Edinburgh Fringe play “Ticker”, written and performed by Tom Machell. I made him run a lot in a cinematic way and he’s dead good at it. Turn your sound on for a lush soundtrack. “Ticker’ deals with outsider grief and loneliness meet black-humour and…

  10. Hamptons International

    2019-05-08 16:54:00 UTC
    Always interested in building a brand and how people reflect on theirs. I directed and concepted a series of films for property specialists Hamptons International who are celebrating their 150th year. We helped Hamptons announce the exciting steps they’re taking to bring their purpose to life to their entire national…

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