1. Quickbooks x Ugo Monye

    17 Jan 2022
    First shoot of the year, shooting gimbal for this Quickbooks Self Assessment content featuring Ugo Monye 

  2. New reels for 2022

    13 Jan 2022
    New year, New reels!

  3. Hood

    09 Jan 2022
    Poster images I shot last year for the World of Hood bringing new life to the Robin Hood story. We shot it in the stunning dereliction of Crossness Pumping station. Watch the teaser trailer on their website

  4. Film Festival success for ‘Pandemic Spy’

    06 Dec 2021
    General showing off post, we’ve have had an incredible few months for my short film “Pandemic Spy”, we’ve gotten into 10 film festivals and won 4 awards, and got lots of laurels to prove it. Watch the trailer here AWARDS + SELECTIONS Best Comedy Film - Paris Short Film Festival…

  5. Barbican - Jean Dubuffet

    22 Jul 2021
     “Art should always make you laugh a little and fear a little. Anything but bore” – Jean Dubuffet  Commissioned by the The Barbican to create a mixed media contextual film for the exhibition “Brutal Beauty”, encouraging audiences to engage with the artist Jean Dubuffet’s impact on art. I put together…

  6. Pandemic Spy (short film)

    20 Jul 2021
    10 days ago, I proclaimed a wrap on my short film “Pandemic Spy”🕵️‍♂️ and there was much rejoicing.  My first shoot of literally anything in 18 months was something I’d written and directed, so no pressure then! Found it exhausting and rewarding but incredible thanks to my amazing cast…

  7. Bruce Springsteen at SxSW [mixed media]

    24 Jan 2021
    Waaaaaaaay back in 2012 the mighty Bruce Springsteen gave his keynote address at SxSW, a thoughtful meditation on the creative process and process of life. This is just his peroration, he speaks about the way we are, the way we set out, and recognises the very simple truth of the…

  8. And that was 2020…

    16 Dec 2020
    Well, the end of the year has once again rolled into view, and if like me you’re ready to have at this past year with a giant baseball bat. Don’t. Stop. Breathe……..  Use 2 giant baseball bats and a tommy gun, but wear a mask whilst doing so. I made…

  9. Stop Motion Recipes

    30 May 2020
    Pushing what I can do with stop motion animation, I built a small home studio for table, creating a series of easy to make Jewish and Middle Eastern inspired recipes that I love eating and cooking (but mainly eating). When I look at a recipe I rewrite it a bit…

  10. Covid Essentials (Stop Motion)

    08 May 2020
    Inspired by @paugram’s #everythingwetouchcovidessentialsx15 challenge, I’ve been making a stop motion animation of of 15 essential things helping me get through lockdown. Ive used a few analogue items (that I refuse to throw away) to illustrate my story with a bit of creative license but you get the picture! This…

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