1. Merce Circus  (4/4)

    Date 17 Oct 2011
    Part 4/4 of project writeup, on short dance film “Suspect Number 4” At Stratford Circus, ‘Merce Circus’ was a celebration of the work of Merce Cunningham and one of the final ever performances of his dance company. The place was buzzing and we were welcomed with a video of Merce’s…

  2. Symphony of Chance (3/4) 

    Date 10 Oct 2011
    Part 3/4 of project writeup, on short dance film “Suspect Number 4” It was 5 days till deadline day, and we had a cut which we were nearly happy with. East London Dance had arranged a meeting with an award winning international video artist called Gerry Fox to watch the…

  3. Through The Looking Glass (2/4) 

    Date 18 Sep 2011
    Part 2/4 of project writeup, on short dance film “Suspect Number 4” I was armed with my trusty Nikon D7000 and a Nikon 14-24mm wide angle lens, and we had our excellent crew of Annie and Adam, with Chi Lin and Tommima ably assisting us and our Cluedo cast of…

  4. Chance Procedures (1/4)  

    Date 01 Sep 2011
    Part 1/4 of project writeup, on short dance film “Suspect Number 4” CHANCE PROCEDURESIt was pitched to me as a 3 minute dance film based on Cluedo using ‘chance procedures’. The last part worried me slightly, as it suggested a lack of intel before we even started shooting and…

  5. Watching The Trees

    Date 05 Jul 2011
    A breezy music video for Ska band “Maroon Town” with inspiration from Her Majesty’s favourite secret agent in New Orleans. What could go wrong The breezy summer track “Watching The Trees” is about the destruction of our natural environment in tandem with our own wellbeing. We follow a basic narrative…

  6. Scope: Together Our Voice Can Change The World

    Date 28 Mar 2010
    I was commissioned by disability charity Scope to create a series of short films for the “No Voice, No Choice” campaign to ensure that all those who need Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices get the equipment and support they need. Sponsored by the BT Better World Campaign, the…

  7. Obligatory first post

    Date 03 Jan 2010
    Hello, and welcome to the blog. I’m blogging here to allow you to live vicariously through my adventures (such as they are) and my talent (such as it is) in film and photography.  I’ve backdated some project write-ups of some of my favourite shoots from the past it’s quite possible…

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