1. Tel Aviv in the Rain

    14 Jun 2015
    Ahhhh Tel Aviv Beach…the sand blowing in your face, the palm trees swaying in the 55km/h winds, the wearing of 6 layers of clothing in 5°C , the unrelenting rain and no umbrella…. Yes Tel Aviv… in the Middle East…where it’s always ridiculously hot and no one owns a coat…

  2. 5 Things

    02 Jun 2015
    Featured on the Five Things website, this is a great project, hard to choose just 5! See what my favourite 5 things are here

  3. Watson

    19 Apr 2015
    The incredible C-12 Dance Theatre launched their new show “Watson” last week, an immersive dance and video adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Empty House. Here are some stills from them presenting it at The Albany Theatre in Deptford to a selected audience.

  4. Paradigm Shift

    31 Mar 2015
    A few selects from my photo shoot with 4 piece Prog-Rock band Paradigm Shift at the weekend. We shot in North London on a day which looked like it was going to shower down, a bit of good luck found us a clear few hours towards the end of the…

  5. The Perfect Storm

    22 Feb 2015
    My first shoot of the year, kicked off in epic wind and rain up’t’North, half way up a mountain, wearing 7 layers, but better phone reception then I get in London!   Commissioned by The Storytellers agency to produce ‘BTS/Making Of’ films for UK supermarket ASDA’s internal campaign commercial “The Perfect…

  6. Eulogy for Ima

    28 Jan 2015
    Our amazing Mum, Orna, passed away on Monday morning after her year long battle with Cancer. She left us peacefully and in no pain with her family around her. This is a Eulogy I wrote for her, which I read at her funeral I started writing this a few weeks…

  7. Movember 2014

    03 Dec 2014
    Last month it was November, I did one of the very few things I’m actually able to do with any credible authority for charity, training to run a marathon… no that’s a massive lie, stop laughing, that’s obviously never going to happen, I get an asthma attack running for the…

  8. Victor Mellors Headshots

    11 Nov 2014
    Some of my favourite headshots I took of actor, Victor Mellors, this weekend testing out my new setup in the new studio with a mix of natural light and artificial.

  9. Apatchy

    11 Nov 2014
    Back in May, I rounded off my 3rd shoot in as many days in the blazing hot sun shooting some Behind The Scenes for a fashion photo shoot for brand Apatchy. Apatchy items feature a style area that can be personalised with a gripper patch, which do not require any…

  10. Frankenstein: The Metal Opera

    28 Oct 2014
    Took some rehearsal shots of Frankenstein: The Metal Opera, on the weekend, they are gearing up for their shows at The Space in Mudchute this week

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