1. C-12 Secret Encounters

    30 May 2017
    Some new work I shot for C-12 Dance Theatre last week for their new show “Secret Encounters” funded by The Arts Council, filmed in London’s Docklands and Hackney. It’s 4 immersive dance pieces that appear and disappear in public spaces. No music, no listings, or performance times allow unsuspecting audiences…

  2. Ducketts Passage

    17 May 2017
    Took a trip back to 1944 to find the location for  BBC’s ”Goodnight Sweetheart“‘s Ducketts Passage and the Royal Oak Pub. Tucked away in Ezra Street, Bethnal Green in London’s East End, it was the time travel alleyway that Gary Sparrow used to travel back to wartime London from the…

  3. Some BTS

    08 May 2017
    Some BTS of a few shoots I’ve been doing in the last few weeks, a narrative training video for Tesco and some interview prices for Nikon to celebrate their 100 year anniversary later this year. 

  4. Production Stills: Great Dane

    26 Apr 2017
    Some Production and BTS Stills I shot from short comedy film “Great Dane” Written by Alexei Slater and Directed by James Webber. 

  5. Portobello Road

    26 Mar 2017
    Went for a photo walk around Notting Hill and Portobello Road. Would love to know the history of why the houses are so colourful, beautiful colours.

  6. Production Stills: 616 Web Series

    20 Mar 2017
    Some Production and BTS Stills I shot from Systir Productions’s web series 616 the last few months. We shot a scene in a cafe in South London which was used in the Aha “Take On Me” music video. Plenty of bloody abound!

  7. Production Stills: Call Me Alvy

    12 Feb 2017
    Some Production and BTS Stills I shot from short comedy film “Call Me Alvy” Inspired by the films of Woody Allen it stars Tracy-Ann Oberman and Kevin Eldon. Written and Directed by Alexei Slater

  8. Walk in the Fog

    30 Jan 2017
    It’s been a foggy, cold start to 2017 in London, so I took a photo walk to a local farm to see what I could see. Not much as it happens!

  9. Riding The Waves in Tel Aviv

    21 Jan 2017
    Spent New Years in Tel Aviv, the weather held out for a bit of sunshine, so the surfers were out in force, with some amazing waves! Shooting from the shore, I saw these tiny dancers on a moving floor kept getting beaten up by relentless waves.  And after that, I…

  10. Jonathan Clarkson Headshots

    13 Jan 2017
    Some natural light headshots last month with actor, Jonathan Clarkson 

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