1. Production Stills: 616 Web Series

    20 Mar 2017
    Some Production and BTS Stills I shot from Systir Productions’s web series 616 the last few months. We shot a scene in a cafe in South London which was used in the Aha “Take On Me” music video. Plenty of bloody abound!

  2. Production Stills: Call Me Alvy

    12 Feb 2017
    Some Production and BTS Stills I shot from short comedy film “Call Me Alvy” Inspired by the films of Woody Allen it stars Tracy-Ann Oberman and Kevin Eldon. Written and Directed by Alexei Slater

  3. Walk in the Fog

    30 Jan 2017
    It’s been a foggy, cold start to 2017 in London, so I took a photo walk to a local farm to see what I could see. Not much as it happens!

  4. Riding The Waves in Tel Aviv

    21 Jan 2017
    Spent New Years in Tel Aviv, the weather held out for a bit of sunshine, so the surfers were out in force, with some amazing waves! Shooting from the shore, I saw these tiny dancers on a moving floor kept getting beaten up by relentless waves.  And after that, I…

  5. Jonathan Clarkson Headshots

    13 Jan 2017
    Some natural light headshots last month with actor, Jonathan Clarkson 

  6. And that was 2016

    31 Dec 2016
    We reach the end of what has been a turbulent year globally, 2016 has been a headache for some, a liberation for others. Personally, I think its been a circus of horror punctuated by a unusually high number of celebrity deaths, a glut of talent disappearing from the world. Here…

  7. Production Stills: I’ll Be Mother

    29 Nov 2016
    Some Production and BTS Stills I shot earlier this year from short film “I’ll Be Mother” Written by Edwina Tyrell and Directed by Victoria Howell. 

  8. EY - Wheelchair Challenge

    12 Oct 2016
    Short piece I Produced for EY recently, highlighting challenges of disability in the workplace.  Agency: Gatehouse

  9. Production Stills: Candice

    14 Sep 2016
    Some of my Behind The Scenes (BTS) stills from a few epic all night shoots (6pm - 6am) a few weeks ago with Turn The Slate Productions’ short film “Candice” starring Olivia Poulet (The Thick of It) and Nicholas Pinnock (Top Boy), Directed by George

  10. Lisbon

    21 Aug 2016
    Visited Lisbon for a few days, an absolutely stunning city, built on seven hills, and because it’s built on hills, it’s afforded some of the best views from wherever you are. Liking a good walk and a good hill, and a good view, I set about taking advantage of everything…

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